We partner with our customers to provide unique, personalized services that meet their needs. With superior capabilities in promotional services, contract packaging, and integrated logistics, we tailor customized supply chain solutions that improve our customers’ quality and competitive advantage.


Our commitment to quality management, continuous improvement, and regulatory compliance enables Crescent to provide customers with the highest level of performance. From SQF Level 3 and ISO certifications to best in class cloud based production, inventory and quality control systems, Crescent consistently provided exceptional service for our customers.


To provide our customers with exceptional results, our people collaborate openly and freely with each other and with our customers to Do It Right, Do It Safe, and Do It Well. As a Customer-centric service provider, Crescent focuses on delivering results Through competitive, customized solutions that are engineered to meet our customers’ growing needs.

Why Choose Crescent

  • Superior quality certification, including SQF Level 3 and ISO
  • Proven business partner for Fortune 500 clients
  • Cost competitive 
  • Open book approach provides clients complete transparency 
  • Offer turnkey supply chain solutions 
  • Innovative solutions in technology implementation 
  • Efficient operator 
  • Organizational emphasis on continuous improvement 
  • Experienced, flexible, and efficient senior management team

What Our Clients Say

“Crescent’s agile and flexible approach has been nothing short of outstanding.”
The Hershey Company
“Crescent pays close attention to detail and has experienced personnel to make us feel comfortable in starting new projects and addressing existing issues.”
Pepperidge Farm
“I have been with PHLI for almost 13 years and the Crescent staff has always been great. They are a 15 out of 10. They understand our needs and try to accommodate where they can.”
Pacific Health Labs
“Crescent continually finds low cost solutions to daily operations challenges.”
“Crescent allows our sales force to present full turnkey solutions that are completely transparent with a good geographic footprint.”
Pratt Display
“Crescent’s flexibility allows me to get the exact amount of displays to my retailers on a timely basis.”
KAO Brands
“Crescent is very responsive and clearly communicates with our company.”
Ocean Spray
“Crescent creates reduction in lead time and provides extra capacity.”
“Crescent has provided Bedshield with excellent customer service and fair pricing throughout the course of our business relationship.”
“Crescent is a true business partner that is embedded in our facility that willingly recommends process improvements and cost saving initiatives.”
“The entire Crescent team has always been and continues to be extremely helpful, they genuinely care about our business needs and they are very responsive.”
KAO Brands
“The team at Crescent is very customer service driven and highly knowledgeable, which makes my job easier when our department is resource strapped.”
Pepperidge Farm
“Crescent’s embedded Value Added Service Center creates savings in transportation costs and allows us to respond to our customers faster.”
“Crescent is a great company to work with. Their flexibility and communication has helped when we have been in a crunch and ensures that our projects are completed on time.”
Pepperidge Farm
“Crescent gives us flexibility with our large assembly jobs for building, shipping, or as overflow.”
“Crescent is extremely flexible whenever I need immediate production and especially when there are PO changes.”
KAO Brands
“Crescent re-located and offered to reduce their tolling fee to offset the additional transportation fees associated with their relocation.”
Ocean Spray
“I am very proud to be partners with Crescent and their team.”
Otomik Products

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