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The Crescent Way

Our Customers outsource activities that are non-core to them, allowing them to focus on their core business. We partner with our Customers to meet their growing needs by providing customized Supply Chain Solutions that improve their Quality, their Competitive Advantage, and increase their Capacity.

The Crescent Way

The Crescent Way is our mindset, our brand. It is how we collectively view and operate our business.

It is a combination of critical processes all woven into a model framed by our culture to improve our customers’ competitive advantage.

The Crescent Way is how we expand our brand universally, delivering a premier service offering to all of our customers. 



Value-enhanced services that support our core competencies







*Design services are not applicable to our Aerospace and Industrial Hardware logistics business at this time.

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We partner with our customers to provide unique, personalized services that meet their needs. With superior capabilities in contract packaging and parts fulfillment, we tailor customized supply chain solutions that improve our customers' quality and competitive advantage.

Our commitment to quality management, continuous improvement, and regulatory compliance enables Crescent to provide customers with the highest standard of excellence and performance.

From SQF Level 3 and ISO certifications to best in class cloud-based production, inventory, and quality control systems, Cresent consistently provides exceptional service for our customers.

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To provide our customers with exceptional results, our core values operate with integrity and honesty every step of the way. Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customers. Our service philosophy is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, efficiency, and performance, to Do It Right, Do It Safe, and Do It Well.

As a customer-centric service provider, Crescent focuses on delivering results through competitive, customized solutions that are engineered to meet our customers' growing needs.



I was asked how I was feeling about Crescent Services, I couldn’t be happier. I really appreciate all the extra effort the team has put in and it definitely had a positive impact all around! Thank you for making our lives easier!

Nutrition CPG

I wanted to give you a reference for Crescent,  I have been doing business over 10 years,  their customer service is excellent.


I truly feel we have ‘one team’ working together to create the best possible customer experience. Thanks for all you do!

Aviation Parts Fulfillment

Everyone right up to the President/CEO rolled up their sleeves and got the jobs done! Your honesty in this business relationship over the past 2 years has enabled us to grow together very nicely in the Promotional area. I look forward to another successful year of display programs.

Healthcare CPG

I cannot thank you enough for always having my back, always taking the time to teach me, and for genuinely caring about me as a person. I just truly wouldn’t be who I am today without the Crescent team.

Personal Care CPG

For the amount of material that flows through the facility, I know keeping it clean and safe is a top priority for Crescent! Continue the effort and continue being successful!

Personal Care CPG

Crescent has been a great partner and is very adaptable to our business needs. I look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with the Crescent team.

Homecare and Personal Care CPG

Great emphasis on safety, thanks for all you do for us we are fortunate to have you as a provider.

Confection CPG

Thank you again for your partnership in working through all of these programs over the past 3 months. 


All of the frequent communication, organization, and flexibility to help keep us on track – despite numerous challenges – has been enormously beneficial and very much appreciated by our team.

Household Goods CPG


9817 Crescent Park Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069


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