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Responsible Recruitment and People Strategies in Assessing Modern Slavery Risk

Crescent, Responsible Recruitment

Crescent's People and Leadership Groups aim to drive positive change in the contract packaging and parts fulfillment recruitment industry. No person should pay for a job; the recruitment costs should be borne not by the person but by the employer.

Crescent takes pride in its responsibility to address human rights issues in our value chain- and we are taking action on them. We understand and know that long-lasting and all systemic changes needed to make a positive difference in many areas can not be achieved by one company acting alone: they can only come about through collaborative action at scale.

Fundamental Collaborations Driving Change:

  1. Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment works towards eradicating recruitment fees and related costs and the responsible recruitment of migrant workers.

  2. Protecting Human Rights, we do not tolerate threats, intimidation, physical or legal attacks against human rights in relation to our operations.

  3. Increase Supply of ethically sourced labor by creating an enabling environment and supporting the development and implementation of systems to identify and use honest recruitment agencies

  4. Collaboration to address forces labor and human trafficking, all members of Crescent's Leadership and People Group support the resolution to fight forced labor issues through our supply chains to drive action:

  • every person should have freedom of movement

  • no person should pay for a job, and

  • no person should be indebted or coerced to work

5. Whole Person Wellbeing, we want to grow our business responsibly. That means safety is a non-negotiable commitment shared by everyone at Crescent.

Workplace fairness and respect are about respecting the rights of all those who work with us, for us, and alongside us. Crescent's guiding principles are to Do it Right, Do it Safe, and Do it Well. To advance human rights in our operations, this means that our business can only flourish when human rights are respected, advanced, and upheld. To do this, we believe and strive for respecting and promoting human rights, which is our foundation for a healthy, sustainable and equitable business, and are essential for effective relationships with everyone we depend on. This is reflected throughout our Crescent Playbooks, policy commitments, and procedures, including our obligations to Sustainable sourcing, providing opportunities for women, and working with inclusive business partners.

How we take action

We are taking action on human rights, fair compensation, and health and safety to ensure the well-being of those who work with us.

  • Advancing human rights:

  • Fair compensation:

  • People Health and well-being benefits:h

  • Creating a safer business

Our Targets

  • Stronger Communication

  • Source 100% of staffing with our Responsible Sourcing Policy/Guidelines

  • Reducing workplace injuries and accidents

  • Creating a framework for fair compensation and market trends

We have identified many of the challenges within the arena; these are not unique to Crescent alone. By collaborating with our suppliers, customers, internal and external stakeholders, industry experts, local government, and engaging with our peers, we will help drive responsible recruitment and transformation across our industry.


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