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Crescent, A Helping Hand Felt Around the World

Community, this word has become more powerful in the past two years than ever before. Since World War II, the number of people afflicted with disaster and chaos has doubled. As a result, millions of people are being robbed of a chance to live free, safe, and support themselves. So, this year, Crescent has expanded its community vision, working to advocate and provide support in the fight to overcome these humanitarian threats through the TENT program.

Founded in 2015 by Hamdi Ulukaya, founder of Chobani yogurt, the TENT Foundation is mobilizing the private sector to improve the lives and livelihoods of more than 20 million men, women, and children forcibly displaced from their home countries. TENT works to help businesses like Crescent develop and implement tangible commitments to support refugees.

Businesses have the most significant impact in helping with humanitarian needs worldwide. Through TENT, Crescent will provide Asylees, Certified Victims of Trafficking, and people with Temporary Protected Status (those whose country is experiencing conditions that make it dangerous for nationals to return home), gain access to job opportunities and resources. With the help of TENT, displaced people now have a chance to start again and become economically-productive workers and future business leaders.

In collaboration with TENT and through the partnerships of our local charities and refugee

resettlement organizations, outside of meaningful work, Crescent will be providing resources to help people build a rewarding career and the support needed to heal and begin again. For example, Crescent will provide English as a Second Language training classes onsite at no cost. In addition, through the expansion of our employee assistance program, all members of a person's household will now have access to therapies and support groups for trauma victims, legal assistance, and specialized services for children, teens, and their parents through the Work/Life program. Crescent will also provide targeted and diversified resources such as prayer rooms, transportation services, crisis intervention through Tri-Health, and internal training and development programs to help close any skills gap. Outcomes like this can only happen when businesses and communities come together to solve the humanitarian crisis that impacts our world, business, and people every day.

Our mission is clear. If we want to see a brighter tomorrow, we must get involved. As business leaders, we are responsible for improving our society; through these efforts, we aim to bring hope and positively impact the lives of this generation and the next. We are more than capable, and we will answer the call to do more.

To learn more about TENT or get involved, visit or email and extend a helping hand to displaced people worldwide.

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