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5 Ways to set AND Achieve Your Personal Goals

Crescent is committed to investing in development for our People. We utilize multiple educational opportunities to help grow our People and prepare them for the future. Through the use of classroom, one on one, and external resources, we will work to make sure that our People have the tools to be successful.

Personal goals are the expressions of the things you want to achieve for yourself in life. When you think about what you want to achieve in life and set goals towards achieving them, you will become more self-motivated and positive-minded. Your personal goals can be in the form of short-term goals or long-term goals.

Step One: Decide Exactly What You Want!

Be precise with that you are after, the clearer your goals are the easier it will be to know when they are complete. Just like in business, objectives should be specific and measurable. Ensure they are achievable and realistic otherwise you risk demotivating yourself.

Step Two: Put It in Ink, Write it Down

There are many ways to document your goals and you need to decide what works for you. If you do not write your goals down, they will merely be daydreams. Writing down your goals help create a vision in your mind of what you want in the future. When we see our goals clearly, it creates a change in how we act and think.

Step Three: Make it time Bound

You cannot control time, for time waits for no one, but we can set timelines to meet and exceed our goals. Give your goals realistic but aggressive deadlines to challenge you and keep yourself accountable. Goals are here to get things moving forward not backwards.

Step Four: Let it Shine

Make your goals visible at home and at work, use imagery, poems, or just simply spell it out. When we see out goals, we are sending important messages to our brain to activate us! We begin to see ourselves attaining that goal and put in the work to get it done. Tell someone close to you about your goals, to help hold you accountable and cheer you on!

Step Five: Get in Gear

Goals are personal and they should get you excited. You have to have momentum going and you should ideally be taking an action every day to bring you one step closer to the achievement of your goal. Assess yourself and don’t be afraid of adding sub goals if needed. An example could be if you want to master excel, look up courses online or look into tuition reimbursement or internal opportunities to do so.

Goals are achievable. The challenge with any new pursuit is remembering why we set the goals to begin with and keeping things moving to reach our full potential. Goals develop overtime and aren’t carved in stone- they are yours! You are worth the effort, so challenge yourself and reach for new possibilities.

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