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Covid 19

Our Response to COVID-19

During this unparalleled time, the COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes the critical role of contract packaging and parts fulfillment and its importance of supporting and protecting people.


Crescent continues to operate by the mission to Do it Right. Do it Safe. Do it Well, ensuring that we meet the needs of your business, community, and families during this difficult time.

Crescent has responded immediately to these challenges of distributing products while adapting to the limitations and changes of COVID-19, by turning this massive challenge into meaningful change.


Within our operations, we are working with medical experts, community leaders, businesses, families, and engineers to reduce the impact of the coronavirus. People are our greatest asset, and our responsibility drives us to act on our long history of innovation of engineered solutions, quality improvements, people resources, and to bring cutting-edge technology to secure, support, and protect all people.

COVID rates are dropping, and vaccinations on the rise, the world is moving in the right direction. Currently, Crescent will not be removing the mandated face-covering policy. Recently Crescent has experienced an increase in the number of cases reported in our network and is conducting further risk analysis at each site before changing our face-covering policy.  We will assess risk weekly and make adjustments by site as warranted. Our Do it Safe value means protecting all Crescent People from the risk of COVID 19


Crescent will monitor developments vigilantly due to the fluidity of current state mandates and revisions; we will update you when information changes when we can do so. 


Keeping our People Safe,
Healthy, and Supported

Crescent’s Crisis Management Team will continuously assess the risk of each Crescent location. If we see the risk category escalate or experience a positive covid case with exposure risk, we will consider reinstituting policies that have been removed previously. These risks will be reviewed and discussed at each CMT meeting, and we will make adjustments to this policy as deemed necessary.


For the health and safety of all of your coworkers, it is essential that you do not report to work if you suspect you have COVID-19. If you suspect that you or a family member that resides with you has COVID-19, please seek immediate medical treatment and do not report to work. If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, you should not report to work until (1) a healthcare provider examines you and confirms that you do not have COVID-19, or (2) a healthcare provider diagnoses you with COVID-19 and then clears you to return to work. If you have contracted COVID-19, and you believe you became infected with the disease while working for Crescent, including during work-related travel, please immediately alert your manager or your People Group Representative so that we can assess your exposure risk.


Crescent will continue:

  • Mask-wearing regardless of vaccination status to help protect yourself and others.

  • Continuous education to all People on Vaccination options and how to schedule an appointment.

  • Normal strict handwashing and facilities maintenance programs, we have added additional safety measures, handwashing schedules, and increased sanitation across all operations

  • Strict social distancing, engineered controls, and mask policy

  • Short Term Leave, PTO donations, and paid sick leave arrangements for those who contract the virus.

  • Providing parents with the flexibility to support their family responsibilities.

  • Providing Onsite Nurses for all shifts 

  • FEVIR, no-touch temperature checking 

  • Expanding Mental health support and wellbeing programs to help grieving people or those managing stress and ensure to communicate and share COVID-19 experiences and best practices.

  • Implementation of the Crisis Management Team

  • Daily updates of COVID-19 cases and escalation


Supporting Our Community

Providing support to Child Food Solutions and food banks to support food-insecure children and families.

  • Working closely with medical experts to provide the best care, information, and support for those affected with COVID or in need of assistance.

  •  Educating and leveraging our relationships to help inform all about the coronavirus and how it affects at-risk groups.

  • Providing multi-lingual support in over nine languages with COVID resources, information, and guidance.

  • Providing prompt and pragmatic support to our customers.

  • Continuing to run operations efficiently and effectively by reducing waste and conserving resources.

  • Crescent, Do it Right, Do it Safe and Do it Well.


Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention

COVID-19 Updates, Maps, Travel Guidelines, and FAQs.

Harvard Global Health Institute

COVID Risk Level map and COVID suppression guidance for policy makers and the public


Understand how OSHA standards apply to protect workers from SARS-CoV-2.

U.S. Department of Labor

Resources to help prepare for and respond to coronavirus in the workplace.

COVID Vaccine Tracker

Contains important information about the progress toward a vaccine. Crescent will continue to monitor and research to ensure our People have or know how to access the vaccine once available to the general public.

Know Your Bubble

Your exposure bubble is not as small as you think. You’re not just at risk of COVID-19 from people in your inner circle, but also from anyone else they have been in contact with

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