Crescent’s purpose is to enhance our client’s products in the marketplace and for nearly 30 years we have made every effort to do just that.

The foundation of this model is our associates operating with state of the art technology within the guidelines of our SQF and ISO/AS certified quality systems. We then work hard to continuously improve using lean sigma tools. The result is driving efficiency and quality up and cost and defects dow giving us a deflationary cost model with year over year cost savings. Crescent has been recognized by the Goering Center for Family Business with the Family Business of the Year Award in 2011 and by the World Trade Group for Best Value Chain Solutions provider in 2011 and was a finalist for the Supply Chain Technology Award in 2012.



Crescent’s quality systems are built on a philosophy of continuous improvement using lean sigma principles.  Certified six sigma black belts focus on reducing waste, consumption, and defects in order to improve overall quality and reduce costs.


Crescent has made significant investments in technology to develop new innovative systems.  Recent implementation of Nulogy’s Packmanager, a cloud-based enterprise packaging system, has increased productivity at each of Crescent’s facilities.


Crescent provides clients with a flexible senior executive team and decades of experience in the supply chain industry.  With a focus on service level agreements and key performance indicators, Crescent’s team can quickly adapt to the growing demand of our clients.