Crescent exists to enhance the value of our client’s products in the marketplace – and we take the responsibility of protecting customer products very seriously. Crescent’s quality systems are based on operational excellence through continuous improvement, and over the past 15+ years Crescent has maintained elevated product safety certifications. This has helped us build a strong foundation for quality at all of our operating sites.

Crescent initially achieved SQF Level 2 certification in 2012. SQF (Safe, Quality Food) is an advanced product safety and quality management program recognized by the Global Food Safety Institute. Applying the mandatory elements of this program has helped Crescent proactively manage all potential risks to product safety.

This year we literally took our SQF programs to the next level. In May 2014 our 151,000 square-foot Contract Packaging operation in Mechanicsburg, PA attained its SQF Level 3 certification! SQF Level 3 adds comprehensive quality requirements to the product safety elements built into Level 1 and Level 2. Although Crescent has always maintained elevated quality standards, our programs are now structured to meet the stringent requirements needed for SQF Level 3 certification. We look forward to certifying additional Crescent operations to the SQF Level 3 standard of excellence and safety.

Maintaining this certification is just one of many ways that Crescent assures our customers that their products are handled to rigorous safety and quality standards!