Contract Packaging magazine recently listed the growing popularity of contract packaging operations embedded within CPG companies’ facilities as one of its key topics for 2014. Virtually unheard of less than ten years ago, embedded and dedicated contract packaging operations have gained tremendous momentum.

Operations are usually set up within a CPG company’s distribution center and occasionally within its manufacturing facility. Embedded operations offer measurable sustainability advantages, increase your products’ speed to market, and enable shared overhead cost savings. Transportation costs and lead times associated with traditional stand-alone contract packaging facilities are eliminated. Improved inventory control & visibility coupled with more direct lines of supplier-customer communication breed a partnership culture in which the embedded contract packager behaves more like an extension to the CPG company than a vendor.

A similar industry trend is toward local, dedicated contract packaging operations. Where an embedded business model may be challenging to implement due to a CPG company’s physical in-DC or in-plant space constraints, Crescent found that having dedicated facilities located near its customers’ distribution and manufacturing sites gives them an advantage similar to being embedded. As in the embedded model, managing a local dedicated operation means there is no competition for operational resources. Operations are customized to the client’s specific requirements and regulations, and sustainable cost savings are driven by reducing excess handling, transportation, and cycle time.

One of the original trailblazers in this space, Crescent operates both embedded and dedicated contract packaging operations. Let Crescent help you evaluate the benefits of an embedded or dedicated contract packaging solution – join the other CPG companies who have this to say about Crescent:

“Crescent is a true business partner that is embedded in our facility that willingly recommends process improvements and cost savings initiatives”

“Crescent’s embedded Value Added Service Center creates savings in transportation costs and allows us to respond to our customers faster”

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